link love fridays: 1

2014-03-19 14.50.21hello guys!

what is this, you ask? this is one of the new columns i’ll be adding to my blog. every week, you’ll be seeing link love fridays! i’m going to be introducing interesting posts about lifestyle and posts by special guests (one of whom is in the picture above–you’ll get to know her very very soon, so stay tuned!) hopefully you won’t be as bored with these new additions, because i think it might be a nice idea to punctuate my rambling and moaning about math grades/chocolate consumption with something fresh. new flavors!

so, what have i been up to this week? it’s the last week of the term, and i’ve just ended the semester–ahead is a blessed one month holiday, thank goodness and God and mercy be. if i’d been made to go through the mill of another school week i think i might have dissolved into a little Lin puddle, which would not have been pretty and might have made clean up a rather big difficulty. but now i have holidays–of course, i’ll need to revise math (and i will shut up about it right now i promise i am sorry) but i will also have the chance, hopefully, to breathe. and cook. and bake. and practise my photography in lonely streets all around Singapore with hopefully some people who might be willing to let me do their portraits…

at any rate, some links for this week:

music–currently listening to this. have you heard this too? and i’ve been seriously addicted to this cover.

lifestyle–this has awoken my wanderlust with the gorgeous photos. i really miss australia in particular and would give anything to go back down under. aussie friends holla! also, Mindy Kaling makes a speech at Harvard Law Class Day.¬† plus this blog on an abandoned french chateau currently going under restoration–gorgeous.

food–this food channel on youtube‘s been my favourite for so long due to the incredibly refreshing videography, eye candy series, innuendo peppered videos and a very cute bunch of boys– and they did a blog feature of me recently! if you haven’t heard of Sorted Food yet, you are really missing out and you shouldn’t be deprived of them any longer. also, this rhubarb and strawberry quinoa crumble. and if you’re going out to have a fancy dinner at a posh restaurant and are afraid of looking like an absolute philistine (like i will), this is something you should read that might get you through the dinner without any raised eyebrows. (it’s illustrated by one of my favourite artists too!)

have a good weekend everybody!


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