link love fridays: 2

2014-06-03 19.24.26

hello friends–the end of another week! this photo was taken when i went up with my family to the deck on top of marina bay sands–an impressively tall structure that houses a hotel and a casino, made of sloping hotel blocks pressed back by back to support a long boat shaped structure on top that has both a pool that goes dangerously near to the edge (that only hotel guests can use, sigh) and an observation deck, which we went to. the height reduced cars to myopic blots of color that sped along skinny spaghetti tracks of highway, and as the setting sun bled into the clouds with a spectacular stain of gold and red whilst the darkness gusted over the horizon, you could see the lights along the city skyline slowly wink into existence. i quite like the photo i took–i’ve been doing mostly food photography, people portraits and photos of places–and i think the bokeh of the city lights is quite a nice touch! what do you think?

anyway for this friday’s link love:


music–i found the cd for this movie soundtrack yesterday and i am ecstatic, the youtube version is amazing but played at home with proper speakers it is pure heaven. yann tiersen is amazing. have you heard this too–ed sheeran is so talented! and with The Fault in Our Stars movie just released, this song from their soundtrack sounds promising.


lifestyle–i’ll be using this diy to make a homemade picnic basket real soon–only three items needed, and its made out of a scarf! this tumblr pairs tiny objects with pantone cards. and this kinfolk article on an artist who does sand painting–amazing.


food–a beehive inside your home, what? talk about beekeeping made easy! find the best chocolate hazelnut spread (hint, it’s not nutella). also, a great video on how to make a spinach tart with a part wholewheat olive oil crust.


hope everyone has a great weekend ahead–what do you have planned?


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