the weekly iLIAd: raw vegan citrus chocolate slice

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Hello guys–another week, another weekly iLIAd!. It’s Lia again, talking about citrus–you can read the first iLIAd here. -Lin

It’s strange how you start off with grand plans, and then when you finish you realise that your final product has become very small and simple, and most of those plans have become a wealth of ideas for future projects which inevitably suffer the same treatment, so what does that say about the original idea in the end?   

The thing about my grater, honestly, is that it has it out for my hand, when really it should be going after the lemon, and the fact that I’m juicing lemons at the same time is making my life a sort of unique hell. She’s leaning across the countertop, laughing at me as I growl and whisk lemon juice and eggs together, pretty and slender as a calla lily. She laughs a lot. It’s the peak of summer; she’s in her element.

The sun’s always hot on Sunday mornings, and it filters through the window into my mixing bowl. She stretches towards it, cupping her hands till she collects enough and pouring it into the batter. I whisk harder with the new addition, a bit too hard and a bit of liquid flies out of the bowl to land on the countertop. Gradually, it seeps into the old wood and soon a wildflower unfolds from the stain, waving slightly in the soft breeze amongst the flour and vanilla and butter. She hums thoughtfully, plucking it softly from the wood and gesturing at me. I put my stinging hand in hers, and she brushes its petals across her lips before closing my fingers around it. Immediately, the cuts close, and a small sigh of relief escapes my lips. Her eyes meet mine, pixie-like, dark and sparkling like dewdrops at midnight. All right, then, I suppose I’ll have to let the laughing go.

She pushes her fringe out of her eyes, absentmindedly twirling her curls up in a messy chignon. The tune she hums is sweet, almost artless in its cheerfulness. Her dress hugs her slight figure at the waist, falling into alternating layers of chiffon and heavy silk, and her height gains several inches with the knee-high stiletto boots that mysteriously complement her dress. She’s stepped on me with them before. Once. Twice. On a weekly basis. You never really get used to the pain. For a while, the only sound in the room is the rustle of pages as she flips through an old cookbook, and then the oven dings and I run to lift the cake out, and the kitchen is filled with fat yellow bell-flowers blooming midair.


raw vegan citrus chocolate slice

ugh, where do i even begin? a citrusy, nutty biscuit base that has a satisfyingly crunch plus a hint of coconut; a layer of smooth silky cashew cream with the zing of clean lemony zest, a layer of impossibly rich and gorgeously creamy chocolate tahini banana fudge that melts with this mellow sweetness on your tongue; and a chocolaty velvet raw chocolate ganache. simply heaven, and since i know how expensive dried fruit and nuts are i used things like coconut cream and oats to make sure this gorgeously delicious treat doesn’t blow your budget! so, so good. raw and vegan too–what else could you want?


Orange Almond Crunch Biscuit

-1 cup rolled oats

-1/4 cup almonds

-scant 1/4 cup shredded coconut

-Juice and zest of half an orange

-2.5 tbs maple syrup/agave nectar/liquid sweetener

-2 large dried figs

-about 4 medjool dates, pitted

-2 tbsp water or so

Whiz the oats and coconut together in the food processor until a floury meal forms. Add the orange juice and zest, sweetener, figs, dates and water and pulse till it becomes crumbly and sticks together when you press it between your fingers (if it takes a little more to get it to hold together add another date as you go along).  Add the almonds and pulse till just combined–this is where you get the crunch!–and then press into the bottom of a parchment lined tin before freezing.

Lemony Cashew Cream

-1 cup cashews soaked overnight in water

-1/4 heaping cup coconut cream

-1/4 cup liquid sweetener (or adjust to taste)

-1/4 cup non dairy milk of choice

-2 tbs coconut oil

-juice and zest of half a lemon

Blend everything together in the food processor till it forms a thick, rich cream–try to get it as smooth as possible, scrape down the sides and process a few times. Pour this over the frozen base, spread evenly out and put it back into the freezer for at least 2 hours before adding the next layer.

Chocolate Tahini Banana Fudge

-1 raw peanut butter cup from here (or you could just freeze 1 tbs cocoa powder mixed with 3/4 tbs coconut oil, 1 heaped tsp peanut butter and 1/2 tbs maple syrup till solid and add that)

-1.5 bananas

-3 tbsp tahini

Whiz everything in a blender/food processor until smooth and creamy, then spread that over the citrusy cashew cream layer. Freeze again for at least 3 hours.

Raw Chocolate Ganache

-1/2 cup cocoa/cacao powder

-1/2 cup liquid sweetener

-2 tbs coconut oil

Whisk everything together and pour this over your slice. You can scatter over toppings of your choice, I used chopped pistachios and shredded coconut–now let it set in the freezer for at least another 2 hours! When it’s all nice and solid, take it out for a while before slicing (in Singapore it takes about 10 minutes, I think it should take a little longer for you guys!) and devouring. Keep all leftovers in the freezer.


8 thoughts on “the weekly iLIAd: raw vegan citrus chocolate slice

  1. Your writing and recipes bring so much joy into my day. I’m so happy to read about your progress, and look forward to trying this recipe alongside everything else you post.
    Do you have a Pinterest account, or would you consider getting one (pretty please???) 🙂

    • hello! thanks loads–the writing this time is by my guest columnist Lia though and not me, but I’ll pass on the compliments 🙂 I’ll def consider creating one, thanks loads!

  2. Okay girl THIS IS LOVELY. Your writing is like poetry and these slices look like they’d be edible poetry. I felt calmer and happier just reading this. You’re wonderful!!!

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