link love fridays: 3

2013-11-22 10.28.37

taken last year on holiday in New Zealand

Helloooo guys! After a very long while, link love fridays is back this week. Ah, it’s been a tough time on this side of the ship–lots of ship sinking, lots of bad days. Lots of times where I say things I don’t mean, lots of times where I feel my life spiralling out of control and blowing raspberries at me as it slips, slimy as yolk, between my fingers. Lots of times where just melting onto the floor sounded like a very very good idea. Lots of times where my mind fails to hold strong and I let the most INANE things ever just get to me. Lots of times where I snapped, sniped, grouched, sulked, and generally became an awful awful person to be around. I think you get the idea. But hey, I’m still here. Weary from the washing-machine tumbling I’ve took and tired and achy and alright–perhaps still a little grouchy–but still here. And I thank my lucky stars for that, every day.

What I’ve learnt this week is that happiness doesn’t revolve around me. Family is a blessing. Food is a blessing. Life is a blessing. Not that I didn’t know that already, but sometimes it’s all too easy to just forget how incredibly, incredibly fortunate we are. There are little things that make life great and that you can cling on to, to skate over the rough patches. Things like chocolate for breakfast. A nice cup of earl grey, with wonderful bergamot notes. BBC on the way to school. Mum’s cooking. A particularly soft line from a poem. Making someone laugh.  BUT it doesn’t have to be your own happiness that makes you happy, it could be someone else’s too (was that confusing?). I mean like making something nice for your friend and seeing her smile, or talking to someone amidst the throat throttling speed of school days and having a nice bit of conversation, however brief. I’ve learnt this week that sometimes by making others happy, you give yourself joy too. Caring for others, doing something a little nice, taking that little extra effort to give. You don’t reap the immediate benefits, but it’s incredibly rewarding. You don’t need anything in return–kindness is it’s own reward. And that has helped me draw myself out of the woe-is-me!-my-life-sucks little pity spiral that all the bad things have been sucking me into. A little wake up call, to stop the self pity.

So that’s my two cents to add at the end of this week! Here are some awesome links I’ve found over the week:



this brother and sister group from New Zealand. Man, I miss New Zealand. Beautiful song from an incredibly young and talented youtube star. And I can’t get over this Coldplay track, and probably won’t anytime soon.



These beautiful vacation rental places. When I go on vacation, a very key point in our pre-research is accomodation; it’s like your temporary new home for a while and that somehow makes it all the more magical. We tend to book self serviced apartments instead of hotels as it’s easier and more economical–all of these look simply AMAZING and I want to travel right now. Male maternity photos? Reddit user DruishPrincess69) posted these photos with the simple explanation: “My wife didn’t want to take maternity pictures, so I hired a photographer and took her place…” Oh, and these guys make chocolate–but have never tasted it, until now. Their reactions are simply amazing.



My friend Juliet (@julietisamommy on Instagram) has made a beautiful youtube channel and her first video (OATMEAL PANCAKES) is already so incredibly professional and amazing–do give it a look! Also: Sundae, in a CAN. Goodness. By the one and only Dominique Ansel. Peaches packaged in undies provoke quite an uproar. Ooh, lace. And my pal Izy hits 3 years on her blog–and celebrates with a beautiful chocolate cherry meringue stack!


Have a great weekend, everyone!



One thought on “link love fridays: 3

  1. What part of New Zealand did you visit??? Broods are great aren’t they, they worked with Lorde’s producer Joel Little 🙂
    Love your Instagram and Blog 🙂 Your breakfasts look so amazing

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