A picnic

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Yeah, I wore that in public. Rainbow socks and watermelon shoes. I hope none of you are from the Fashion police ranks.

So this post, mostly visuals, is just about the picnic I went to on the weekend with ma girlies Sasha (@thesashadiaries on instagram, blog here) and Ruiyi (@bunnysquats on instagram). The sun was shining (this is an understatement. We got sunburnt/tanned within 1.5 hours. It shone like someone dumped a bunch of teeth whitening liquid/paste on the sun, strung it with megawatt headlights, and set a million fires with the fury of a million people who bit into a million grapes that said they were seedless, but had a blatantly humongous seed in the middle like I just did do you feel my pain) and zero creepy crawlies came to visit us on our little mat. A guy toddled somewhere near us, took off his shirt and sunbathed (a death wish) but other than that we were quite alone and peaceful.

We snacked on amazing paprika hummus and salsa with carrot and cucumber sticks and cherry tomatoes, broc-cauli tabbouleh, delicious spring rolls stuffed with brazil nuts and toasted seeds and soft sweet mango strips and curls of zucchini, peanutty golden brown tofu patties, raw cookie dough bites, and wholewheat double chocolate fudgy cookies, washing it all down with fruit-and-mint infused coconut water. We were proud of ourselves for being proper domestic goddesses and for having a thoroughly environmentally-friendly picnic–the only things we threw were the scraps on our plate and napkins, we bought our own cutlery and plates along! We had a good talk, a lot of laughs, and watched the people on the opposite side of the pond feed birds that grew as more of them saw the breadcrumbs thrown out. We bemoaned the Singapore humidity and found out that mandarin slices left under the scorching Singapore sun turned CRiSPY–dried out, crisp skin with juicy mandarin beneath. I had a great time with absolutely smashing girls, and would gladly do it all again.


Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


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