Breakfast Chocolate-Caramel Sweet Potato Mousse

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Happy New Year everyone! It’s 2015, phew. I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and New Year’s filled with lots of laughter and good cheer and joy. For me I am still stuck in some sort of frantic scrambling, like a spider on ice with skates on only 4 of its 8 feet, frantically trying to find its balance and make a sharp turn before it smacks into a wall–I don’t feel like I’ve gone through Christmas and New Year’s at all!

Still, time is time, and it moves on without worrying about aforementioned spiders on ice (which in hindsight sounds like a rather nasty cocktail), seguing straight into January. And school! I’ve started school, Secondary 4 this year aka scary senior-of-the-school time and lots of pressure to do well. I feel quite motivated to try my best and do my best though–I honestly and truly wish to overcome all the faults I have of laziness and procrastination and make the full use of the education opportunities I’ve been blessed with. I need to toughen up! So that is one thing I hope I can achieve for 2015, although I do feel like sometimes we make a massive fuss about resolutions and keeping them. During the New Year everyone is bombarded with motivational rhetoric left right and centre and being blazed in the eyes with an incredibly (maybe a little excessively) POSITIVE light, along with this general pressure to celebrate the year that is about to pass and start on a new leaf, new page.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against goal setting. In fact I’m all for it–I’ve seen friends that set goals and really work towards them and the end result is incredible and makes you so, so proud of their sheer strength and will–they really set about doing things, and that is really amazing to see someone fulfill a promise that he/she has made to him/herself. Setting realistic, thoughtful and reflective goals to enhance your wellbeing and make you be the best you can be or feel the best you can be is absolutely brilliant. However some marketing strategies companies use make it their aim to make resolutions a non-negotiable goal: you must BE FIT! LOSE WEIGHT! FULFILL YOUR LIFE! and you have to DO IT NOW because it’s the 1st of January and you are pushed onto the precipice of a new year and if you don’t you are a failure, so BUY THIS CEREAL/SLIMMING TEA/WEIRD HERBAL LEAF NOW. I think that if you have to fulfill anyone’s expectations they would solely be your own–and the pressure that some adverts (weight loss, dieting good grief) produce on the general populace is horrible.

So don’t be pressured to put a mental time-bomb on December 2015, and stress yourself crazy trying to leap higher than you are ready for before time runs out and it blows out on you. It’s not that you shouldn’t dare to have hopes or goals or dreams–just embark on them on your terms, and not by pressure or other’s expectations. Just because we’ve done a little wheeeeeee and done a hula hoop around the Sun again doesn’t mean that you have to be READY to start a NEW LEAF and NEW PAGE–life doesn’t work in such a mechanical, clockwork-like stage. Your own goals, your own achievements will occur and transition naturally over the course of these 12 months of 2015–and if you don’t manage to achieve something other people around you have been pressuring you to do just because it is the New Year’s doesn’t mean you are lazy, or guilty, or any less of a person. Just do your best, and try your best–and that would be beyond amazing. Take care of yourself, try to get through this new year in your life the best as you can, and you are a tip-top champ. Drink more water, too. Hydration is important.

With all that said and done, here’s a quick recipe for today–chocolate caramel sweet potato mousse. Yes, I’m having more chocolaty stuff for breakfast in 2015…the bus doesn’t stop, folks. I topped these with crumbled chickpea chocolate chunk cookies from my friend Sasha (@thesashadiaries on Instagram with her blog here)’s relatively new ebook called The Holy Basil Cookbook! It’s incredibly informative and filled with top tips to get on yo way to a plant based nom life, and filled with Sash’s incredibly amazing recipes and photography (hot cookie dough, or slow cooker dhal, or curried pumpkin burgers, or tofu quiches, or chocolate semi-molten cakes, or rawtella cheesecake, or lemon-carob bundt cake for you? Just to name a few of course) and I’m so thankful that she decided to drop me one! These cookies were creamy, buttery, crumbly and filled with molten chunks of dark chocolate–so. good. You can (and should) find her ebook here. I also topped it with peanut butter because why not 😉

This mousse is good enough for you to be certified as breakfast friendly and it’s just amazing. No one could guess there was sweet potato in it but it lends a dashing velvety and buttery mouthfeel, smooth and silky, and blends up thick and creamy and buttery with a caramelly flavor. With the addition of hoarse dark carob, lots of warm spicy cinnamon, a frozen banana and some almond milk cubes for that extra bit of richness and frosty thickness, and fudgy sweet dates, maca and lucuma for a caramel superfood punch, this baby makes for an excellent start to any day.

Do it. It’s calling your name. And all it takes for one food processor and five minutes to get this on your bowl, and into your mouth. Tempting? Tempting.


Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


Breakfast Chocolate-Caramel Sweet Potato Mousse

You will need:

-200g steamed sweet potato (about one medium-ish one)

-1 banana, chopped into chunks and frozen overnight

-1/4 cup almond milk, frozen into ice cubes

-2 large and soft medjool dates

-1 tbs maple syrup

-1 tsp vanilla bean paste

-1 tbs coconut butter/tahini/nut butter (optional but recommended)

-2 heaping tbsp carob/cacao/cocoa powder

-1/2 tsp cinnamon, or to taste

-1/2 tbs Maca (I use Organic Burst maca) (optional but recommended)

-1 tsp lucuma (optional but recommended)

-1 tbs Purple Balance sweet chocolate protein powder

-a pinch of orange zest (optional but recommended)

Simply blend all of the above in a food processor/high speed blender till thick and creamy, adding a little bit of almond milk if needed to allow things to blend well, and you’re done! Serve with desired toppings.


2 thoughts on “Breakfast Chocolate-Caramel Sweet Potato Mousse

  1. So beautiful post as always ! i really admire your blog and you have inspired me to create mine thanks so much and i am so thankful to have founded someone so beautiful and awesome like you ! i wish we could be good friends one day ! Thanks for everything ❤

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