Cookie Dough and Coconut Brownie Snack Balls

If you haven’t noticed already, I’m quite a lazy person. The only thing I can be remotely bothered about is food, and even that–if you ask me to make something that takes 48 hours to ferment under a full moon chanting around it and doing some Stone-Age dance so that the yeast sprouteth and groweth, I’ll probably blink at you a few times before mutely padding to the fridge, taking out my trusty chocolate stash and collapsing on the couch with it instead. No matter how delicious it is, or if it’s some Elixir of Youth and Eternal Pancakedom,  I rarely have the luxury of motivation (or even time)(maybe that’s down to poor time management, but that’s another story…).

Luckily for slow sloths like me, there are quick treats that you can rustle up without breaking out into a laborious sweat, and that will appear in front of you as a form of quick, delicious satisfaction with no time at all. They come in useful especially when you’re slaving over stupid math questions (trigonometry 3, I loathe you with all my heart and soul) that you keep GETTING WRONG and you’re just about to pull your hair out and smash your calculator against a brick wall. When times like that come by and the only thing to appease and pacify your raging tirade is something to chew on furiously to vent your anger through some trusty jaw exercise, these babies are just perfect. Little balls of speedy deliciousness that take only one bowl to mix into creation, and that don’t leave an awful mess whilst eating them–because it only takes a simple journey from hand to mouth in a quick pop to transport them to your waiting stomach.

The next time you have a mound of coursework or paperwork to do, may I suggest these cookie dough balls, or coconut brownie balls? Beyond efficient, instant gratification, super scrummy, your perfect procrastination pal. Kidding. Do your work!!


What are your favourite study snacks? I’m not the type of person that can snack while studying, because I simply lack the mental capacity to operate on two highly important functions at the same time. I have to set a break time where I scroll my social media and nom before diving back into the books, having gathered enough physical and mental fuel to carry on for another lap or two before I divert my attention to yet another cat video. Study snacks mean snacks that are easy to pile together, normally for me an everything-on-top-of-yogurt bowl–yogurt, either plain or with chocolate+cinnamon, berry jam, or peanut butter stirred in, topped with an assortment of chopped fruits and granola, muesli, perhaps a crumbled muffin or a homemade cookie or two. A truly well-balanced sounding snack, but you haven’t seen the days where a large bar of chocolate seems like the best solution to your math assignment that you just cannot get right. Smoothies are good too, though–any fruit you have (frozen bananas/berries, kiwi, oranges, peaches, whatever you have) along with maybe some yogurt, juice, almond milk or coconut water just chucked into a blender and whizzed into thick, creamy, luscious and chilled perfection. And frozen bananas are the best treat ever–addicting in their creamy frosty ice-cream like melt.

I’m obviously very well versed in snacking. Don’t ask me how.

At any rate, these were amazing. The cookie dough balls are crumbly, nutty, buttery; they have the rich squidgy softness of cookie dough that we all love, flavored with the slightest floral fragrance of vanilla bean paste, and filled with chunks of chocolate. What more can you ask for? And of such an effecient pop-in-mouth fit too. The brownie coconut ones are dark, indulgent, almost creamy in their velvety smooth silkiness; and the coating of coconut allows for a tropical, raspy grit of texture. They nestle perfectly in your palm, and in your mouth too.

I do know that coconut flour isn’t the most universally available ingredient, but it’s well worth the investment. Full of healthy fibre and containing a quota of the rich healthy coconut fat, it adds a beautiful fluffiness and height of thickness to whatever you choose to put it in. It lends the most amazing texture–soft and crumbly–and also a slight coconut flavor. If you don’t like coconut, fret not–it’s entirely undetectable, unless you have a completely unflavored bake. And it’s one of my secret pancake making weapons–these babies make the tallest pancakes ever.

For these snack balls, coconut flour ensures that a certain level of moisture is retained while still gaining a cookie dough crumbly consistency; and it is absolutely lovely. Do give these a try, should you next find yourself peckish and in desperate need of a hasty hour snack.


Cookie Dough and Coconut Brownie Snack Balls

makes 3 of each

For the Cookie Dough Balls

-1.5 tbs coconut flour

-1 tbs yogurt

-1/2 tbs peanut butter

-1/2 tbs coconut sugar/maple syrup

-1/4 tsp vanilla bean paste

-1/4 tsp cinnamon

-1/2 to 1 tbs chocolate chips

For the Coconut Brownie Balls

-1 tbs coconut flour

-1 tbs cocoa

-1/2 tsp cinnamon

-1 tbs yogurt

-1/2 tbs dark chocolate peanut butter

-1/4 tsp instant coffee granules

-1/2 tbs almond milk (or plant based milk)

-1/2 tbs coconut sugar/maple syrup

-1 to 2 tbs dessicated coconut to roll them in (optional)

Mix the ingredients for each of the balls together in a bowl.  The absorbency of coconut flour depends on the brand, so if the mixture is too dry feel free to add more almond milk–you should get a slightly tacky, smooth dough. Roll the mix into three balls for each flavor and knead in chocolate chips for the cookie dough and roll in coconut for the brownie flavor. You could eat this instantly, or chill before serving.


One thought on “Cookie Dough and Coconut Brownie Snack Balls

  1. Hey, it’s Elim! (@prepschoolhealthfreak_ on Insta). Just popping in to give you some tangible love on the blog – and may I just say that you, dear, are a wonderful artist of recipe presentation? Your words are creative and hooking. ^,^

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