Vegan Cookie Dough

FIRST POST OF FEBRUARY comes in the middle of February because of copious servings of schoolwork…many apologies for this late post, which I’ve been promising and teasing very much unfairly for a long while but haven’t gotten the time to properly plinky-plonk on the keyboard into fruition. But here it is! Look! COOKIE DOUGH–edible, very much advised to consume by thick, tufty heaped spoonful, studded with carob chips and absolutely divine. I was beyond chuffed when I scooped it out of the food processor and into a bowl, because this is the motherlode. This is the answer to all your cookie dough dreams. Cookie dough ice cream a la Ben and Jerry’s half baked? No problem–chuck some of these in plain vanilla ice cream, add some chunks of fudgy, squishy brownie like this banoffee super fudge brownie or this vegan gluten free banana peanut butter swirl brownie, and you’re set. Have a sudden craving for cookie dough? Just grab yourself a spoon. Want some cookie dough on your pancakes or on french toast or on oatmeal or on your whole life? Grab a bowl of this and knock yourself out. It is a bowl brimming with potential salmonella-free deliciousness. I know that much responsibility in your hands is overwhelming, but y’know, you can deal. I’m sure you can. So I’m going to show you a few ways in which you can use this magical cookie dough deliciousness. The cookie dough has a base of chickpeas (surprise!!) although you do not taste it at all–the chickpeas blend into a creamy rich, hummus thick and buttery loveliness that the oat flour builds on with coconut sugar, vanilla bean paste, peanut butter and squishy medjool dates to form a shockingly uncanny reincarnation of the sneaky finger of cookie dough you snuck from the mixing bowl before putting the tray of cookies into the oven. So essentially what you get is a super fluffy, super tufty, super creamy and whipped mountain of craggy cookie dough from a can of chickpeas. MAGIC. As you can see above, I’m a big fan of combining breakfast with dessert. The first photo was hot chocolate french toast made on multigrain seeded bread soaked in a batter of banana, soy milk, du chocolat hot cacao mix (review of this coming soon…sneak preview: perfection), carob powder, cinnamon, coconut sugar and vanilla before fried in coconut oil into browned, burnished, chocolaty rich perfection. I topped it with cookie dough questbar cookies (chopped and baked till crispy cookie likeness), cookie crisp and this cookie dough because why not. And if you’re fancying pancakes, that’s good too–I made a massive stack of chocolate pancakes, topped it with an ice-cream scoop of this cookie dough and it was one of the best things I ate this year. Looked impressive too. Imagine a steaming, fluffy stack of chocolaty, thick pancakes with a squidge of cookie dough on top. Make everyone jealous with this. It works. And yes, what I went crazy photographing for…this cookie fudge cake. The bottom layer was a deep-dish soft baked vegan wholewheat cookie, baked till brown and set and buttery with molten chunks of chocolate throughout, then topped with a layer of banana-tahini chocolate fudge–blended bananas, tahini, cocoa, maple syrup and a lil coconut butter till rich ganache consistency–before a lid of this cookie dough was smooshed on top. The concoction was then froze to tall, imposing cookie dough and chocolate perfection before drizzled with oozy raw chocolate ganache, cookie dough balls, carob chip chunks and a square of pana chocolate. This was…stupendous. Kind of like a massive cookie ice cream sandwich, but with a bottom layer of baked cookie and a top layer of cookie dough instead. And with lots of other nobs tossed in like the drippy ganache, of course. In other words it was a massive chocolate explosion, which if you’ve been sticking around for some time, is exactly like me to do. In summation: this is a treasure chest of cookie dough craziness that is so close within your reach, so easy, and beyond worth the perhaps 10 minutes of your life. Do it. I know I’ve been rather absent posting and recipe developing wise, but I’m taking things slow. Slow and steady, trying to manage life and living life at the same time. Do bear with me through this crazy student-era of my life. Sometimes I do get doubts over how far this blog will go, how long will my Instagram last before I fade away into obscurity, how long I get to bake with passion before any chance I have at making this a career is over. But yknow, I’ll just go with the flow. Doing things I love, doing things I believe in, trying out opportunities that come my way, trying to put myself out there so that I can continue doing this for a long while. I’ve been immensely privileged to be given a platform and a following to project my passion to, and I’ll make the most out of it whilst fulfilling my obligation as a student.

vegan cookie dough

-1 tin canned chickpeas

-1 cup rolled oats

-2 heaping tbsp natural peanut butter/almond butter

-3 tbs applesauce

-4 very soft medjool dates

-3 tbs coconut sugar

-1/2 tsp vanilla bean paste

-1/4 tsp cinnamon

-2 tbs plant based milk + more if required

-1/3 cup vegan chocolate chips/carob chips

In a food processor, blitz the oats till they form a mealy flour. Add the rest of the ingredients in except for the chocolate chips and blend away till everything is broken down, scraping the sides a few times, and it forms a thick, doughy, tufty cookie dough consistency. If needed, add a little almond meal or more plant based milk depending if your cookie dough is too thin or too thick. Remove the blade and fold in the chocolate chips/carob chips, dollop into a bowl and you’re done! Refrigerate when not in use and keep up to 8 days, covered in an airtight tupperware/container in the fridge.


6 thoughts on “Vegan Cookie Dough

    It’s really late right now and I need to finish my homework too augh but I just needed to come and look and read and leave a comment here, telling you I feel immensely privileged to enjoy your writing and recipes while fulfilling my obligations as a student, too.
    love from Taiwan xo

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